Grandview's award winning facility was the first project ever undertaken by the now well known builder, Dutch Masters.  To this day, Gary Van Bolderen of Dutch Masters brings many of his potential clients back to tour Grandview.   The facilities, although beautiful, clean and organized, are designed with function in mind with the aim of keeping the horses, clients, and staff comfortable, happy and in optimal health.  

Grandview is situated on over 200 acres of picturesque rolling land, just east of Newmarket in Cedar Valley, Ontario.  It has won several awards for its design, and is known for its truly impeccable care and facilities.   Pictures and words can only give it partial justice, so please contact the farm to organize a visit if you are interested in hearing and seeing more.  


Main Barn

The main barn is heated throughout, maintained at an ambient temperature of 12 degrees throughout the winter months.  A ventilation system ensures a constant supply of clean, fresh air and is in operation as soon as the summer screen doors are removed and the solid, winter doors are put onto the barn for the colder months.  Amenities include tack room, laundry facilities, heated wash stalls, grooming stalls, shower facilities, central vac, and 2 viewing rooms (one heated and enclosed, the other seated within the arena).   Clients are supplied with a locker in the tackroom, but also storage facilities upstairs in the loft  where more lockers are located.   And, we are in the process of installing solar panels on the roof to keep with our environmentally-conscious lean.  The indoor arena is attached to the main barn.

The main barn has 8 large paddocks, enclosed with diamond mesh keep-safe fencing, as well as a stallion paddock which is over 6' tall which also serves as an outdoor round pen.  We seed the paddocks on a rotation basis each year to ensure that the horses get to enjoy grass!   Horses have access to fresh water in all of the paddocks.


Small Barn

 The small barn is located about a 2 minute walk from the main barn and arena.  There are 4 large paddocks enclosed in diamond mesh keep-safe fencing, each with a large run in shed.  In addition to the horses, the small barn is also home to our rather popular miniature donkeys, Marci and Emerald, who have lived at the farm for over 20 years now!  We have a mix of individual and group turnout in the small barn, with many of the horses enjoying all day turnout.  Clients who have their horses in the little barn enjoy all the amenities of the main barn, at a slightly reduced board rate.  



Grandview is known for its unprecedented footing.  Graced with an incredible natural base to work with, the arena footing is actually the original soil.   A combination of our imported European harrow, daily grooming, an overhead watering system, and a propane-driven radiant heating system, the footing is wonderful year round, as is the temperature in the arena!  The arena is enveloped in windows, which supplies an abundance of natural light, and a feeling of openness beyond its walls.
We also have a regulation sized outdoor dressage ring, and literally miles of manicured trails for hacking.  Clients often come together on Sundays to meet and go for a nice, long, relaxing hack. 



Grandview feeds 4 times a day, and we cater to whatever special needs any horses have.  We feed grass hay, although have brought in alfalfa mixtures if required.  Most horses are on shavings, but again, if there are special needs, the management adopts whatever practices are in the best interest of the horses, and our stalls are mucked twice daily.  We have a host of equine care practioners that come in to assist in the providing the ultimate health, care and comfort of the horses, from acupuncturists, to chiropractors, to Bowen practioners, all who, of course, work in conjunction with the veterinarians and blacksmiths.  Clients are welcome to use their own veterinarians, blacksmith, etc. or can use the ones used by the majority of horses in the barn.   Any blanketing and/or boot requirements are included in the board fees each month.


Breeding Facilities

Grandview has its own collection facilities, located on the property, but completely separated from the riding facility.  This allows convenient and efficient freshly cooled semen collection for mares from our stallions.



Some other unique features:

We have a special fly control system that has proven highly effective, using completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly insect eating bees that are released monthly around the farm. 

To keep dust to a minimum, we have an industrial vaccuum that is used twice daily to clean all the aisles in the barn.
There is a central vacuum located in the grooming stalls for efficient grooming on those extra muddy days.

The entire facility is supported by back up generator system, which engages as soon as there is any power outage, to ensure that the minimum services (water for the horses, sufficient lighting, etc.) are maintained  regardless of the municipal grid services.